NHS and Care

  • I was a low-paid carer for years, looking after the elderly, adults with learning disabilities and vulnerable young people. Now I am an NHS Charge Nurse, working at Addenbrooke’s Hospital.
  • The Government’s privatisation of the NHS and care, along with chronic underfunding, has had a disastrous effect on our health system and the ability of health staff to provide safe, dignified care.
  • Now the NHS in Cambridgeshire needs to find £540 million of annual savings. This will cost lives. I will fight these cuts and challenge every other local candidate to commit to doing the same.
  • We will roll back privatisation of the NHS to ensure that all health services are always public, well funded and free at the point of use, through the passing of the NHS Reinstatement Bill. We would scrap the NHS Sustainability and Transformation Plans which are demanding more savings of local services.
  • We would close the NHS spending gap and provide an immediate cash injection, to ensure everyone can access a GP, hospitals can run properly, and staff are fairly paid.
  • We will bring mental health care in line with physical health care and ensure people experiencing mental health crises are supported close to their home and support networks. We will introduce mental health awareness training within the public sector and encourage a more open dialogue on the issue in wider society.