Unsustainable, out of control economic growth and reliance on fossil fuels is causing serious and damaging climate change to our planet.

Climate change is real and is here now. Studies estimate there are 400,000 deaths annually due to the effects of man-made climate change.

If we do not rapidly change course, within 4 years, by the end of the next government, we will have blown our opportunity to keep global warming within potentially manageable levels.

Turning this around requires bravery and decisiveness of the sort establishment parties have not yet shown themselves capable of.

We are capable and will ban fracking and end government subsidies towards fossil fuel companies. We will work with financial institutions and local bodies, such as the University of Cambridge, to encourage them to divest from investments in fossil fuel industries.

The change we need to prevent climate change will also improve the quality of our lives.

We will launch a rapid nationwide programme of home insulation to end fuel poverty, reduce energy usage and lower your fuel bills.

We will invest ambitiously in renewables, the energy source of the future and phase out dirty energy sources. We will give communities energy security by requiring grid operators to give priority to community energy schemes at an affordable cost.

And we will prioritise public over private transport, ensuring the harmful effects of air pollution in urban areas are reduced whilst also lowering our carbon emissions.