As a country we have benefited from our membership of the European Union.

In Cambridge, our universities and businesses thrive thanks to the contributions of Europeans. Our local health and care services are propped up by the hard work of people from across the continent.

I respect the result of the 2016 referendum. No serious plan for exiting the EU was laid infront of the British people at the referendum, however, and the margin of victory was tiny.

In these circumstances, the assertion of the right wing of the Conservative Party that their narrow victory is a mandate for an extreme Brexit must be opposed.

Their version of EU withdrawal threatens our businesses, our workplace rights, our environment, and our public services.

I will fight to protect freedom of movement and our rights to live, work and travel across Europe. I will be a passionate advocate for the rights of EU nationals who live here. During negotiations I would press to maintain and enhance the workplace and environmental protections we enjoy as members of the EU.

Most importantly we will offer you a say over the final Brexit deal. If the Government believes the final deal they strike is a good one for Britain, they should have no fear of taking it to the people.