A video message from Stuart

Stuart is your Green Party candidate in Cambridge for the General Election on 8th June 2017. He is a local campaigner and NHS Charge Nurse. In this video he talks about what’s important to him and what drives his campaign.

‘People should have their say on whether to accept the proposed Brexit deal’ says Stuart

Green MP candidate backs a vote on terms of EU withdrawal as Labour rules out holding second referendum

As the leader of the Labour Party confirmed they will not support giving the population a say on the terms of withdrawal from the EU (1), Stuart Tuckwood, the Green MP candidate for Cambridge, has confirmed the Greens are campaigning campaign to hold a vote.

Cambridge as a city voted overwhelmingly to remain to in the European Union in last year’s election. The city hosts many thousands of EU citizens from Europe. As well as benefiting the academic, science and research communities, the local NHS where Stuart works is served by a higher proportion of EU nurses and staff than the rest of the country.

Following Labour’s announcement Stuart said;

“I was proud to campaign for us to remain in the European Union, though I recognise there are problems with the EU that should be addressed.

I accept and respect the result of last year’s referendum but it should not be seen as the end of the democratic process. As I’ve said before, the Brexit deal should be inclusive and involve people to give them a real say over their future.
The millions of people of this country deserve to have a say on their destiny. Once we are presented with the terms of the deal the government strikes with the EU, people should be entitled to vote on whether to accept it or not.

If the next Government, whoever it is, is confident that Brexit is a good option for the country then they should have no fear of taking that deal to a vote.

The Labour Party gave the Conservatives a free reign to trigger article 50 without securing any concessions and now they’ve ruled out allowing people a say on the final deal. I strongly believe this is wrong and I would support a second referendum if I were

Stuart urges voters to ‘seize the opportunity for change’ as MPs vote to allow general election

Green Party leaders float idea of centre-left ‘progressive alliance’ in certain areas

As MPs vote to allow the holding of a snap general election on the 8th of June, the Green MP candidate for Cambridge has responded by urging voters to ‘seize the opportunity for change’.

It comes as the co-leaders of the Green Party, Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley call for talks with the leaders of Labour and the Liberal Democrats about the possibility of cooperating in certain seats to beat the Conservatives.

Following today’s vote, Stuart said;

‘I hope voters seize this opportunity for change which we now have on June the 8th. The process of withdrawing from the EU so far has been secretive and exclusive and the Prime Minister has obviously misled the country about her intentions to hold a snap election.

If we want a proper say we must now send representatives to Westminster who will strongly scrutinise the process, ensure transparency, and work hard to ensure safeguards over our workplace rights and environment are protected.’

Responding to speculation about potential electoral pacts, Stuart said;

‘Our broken electoral system unfortunately means that to give people a real choice, centre and left parties must explore the possibility of working together in certain seats. Where standing against each other in certain areas guarantees the Conservatives will
win, it’s obvious we must talk about cooperation between parties.

If Labour and the Lib Dems are serious about preventing the damage a further five years of Tory rule will do to the NHS, our welfare state and our environment, they must come to the table.

In Cambridge the Conservatives have little chance of success. Voters here should vote for what they believe in. The Green Party are fully committed to supporting the free movement of people, a fully public and funded NHS and free higher education. If you value these things, you must support me on June the 8th.’

Stuart Launches Campaign to Keep IVF on the NHS

Green MP candidate Stuart Tuckwood says its “unacceptable to take away many people’s only hope of conceiving a child”

Proposals to stop funding IVF treatment on the NHS in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough have been branded ‘unacceptable’, by the Green MP candidate for Cambridge, Stuart Tuckwood.

As the plans go out for consultation, the Greens are launching a petition calling for the continuation of NHS funded IVF treatment in the region.

Want to help? You can sign the petition!

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommend the NHS funds three cycles of IVF treatment for women under 40. The number of cycles offered by the NHS was reduced from two to one locally in 2016 and now hopeful couples unable to conceive risk losing funded treatment altogether. The proposed cut is thought to be able to save £700,000 for the regional NHS.

Without funding from government only those who are able to afford private treatment will be able to undergo treatment, excluding those from poorer households. Successful IVF patients have expressed concern over the financial strain this will cause couples in an already emotional and difficult situation.

The Green Party wishes to encourage people to take part in discussions throughout the consultation and show their support for NHS funded IVF treatment. The consultation will end in June 2017.

Stuart Tuckwood, the Green MP candidate, and local charge nurse at Addenbrookes who has started the campaign, said as the consultation was launched;

“Women I know who have had difficulty conceiving have told me that they find the experience utterly devastating. The option of IVF treatment on the NHS was a huge relief for them and has given them immeasurable joy.

IVF is a wonderful treatment that is some people’s only chance at creating their own family. The proposed savings to the regional NHS are minimal, especially at a time when NHS organisations are forced to spend huge amounts of money on contracting and private management consultants.

We hope thousands of people join us in telling the clinical commissioning group this cut is unacceptable. They must continue to fund this wonderful treatment on the NHS.”

Cambridge Green Party Select New Parliamentary Candidate

Local Green Party members elect Stuart Tuckwood, NHS Charge Nurse and UNISON representative, to be their parliamentary candidate

The Cambridge Green Party, following a ballot of the local membership, have selected Stuart Tuckwood, an NHS Charge Nurse and UNISON steward as their general election candidate.

Stuart will be looking to build on the work of the party’s previous parliamentary candidates, which include Dr Rupert Read and Tony Juniper, and broaden the appeal of the Cambridge Party. The party won over 4000 votes in the 2015 general election, with around 10,000 people giving the Greens their local council vote.

Stuart, pictured left, is a resident of Romsey in Cambridge City and has worked at Addenbrooke’s hospital for several years as a nurse. Originally from Aberdeen, Stuart graduated with honours in Nursing from the University of Glasgow, and has a background of caring for people with learning disabilities and voluntary work overseas.

In Cambridge Stuart has supported campaigns to protect local health services, has spoken at rallies in defence of migrants and refugees, and has highlighted the pressures of the local cost of living on those on low incomes. Stuart has, along with other local activists, worked to pressure local authorities to ramp up their ambition in reducing carbon emissions.

Stuart will be working closely with the Green mayoral candidate, Julie Howell (pictured, centre, alongside prominent Green Jenny Jones) to represent the party in elections this spring.

Speaking after the result of the ballot was announced, Stuart said;

I’m thrilled to have been elected and very grateful to all the local members of the party who voted for me. The politics of Westminster and the established parties have badly let down so many people in Cambridge; those suffering on NHS waiting lists, young people without hope of finding a decent home locally, migrants who no longer feel welcome, those living in parts of the city where life expectancy drops by a decade, and those whose livelihoods and futures are being risked by a hard withdrawal from the EU.

I’ll work tirelessly to make their voices heard and to try and to find solutions to their problems. I am committed to campaigning for a fairer economy, a prosperous and sustainable society, and excellent public services.