Action Days

We are keen to use the opportunity presented by this snap election to build our presence across the entire city. Please join us at any of the following action days between now and the election. Each day will begin with an ice-breaker, small talk from Stuart or member of the committee about the theme of the week and some training. Afterwards, depending on the location and numbers, there will be a mixture of stalls, leafleting and canvassing.

Lunch will be a ‘bring and share’ affair and a variety of hot / cold beverages will be provided.

Everyone is welcome to every action day; regardless of where they live.

Saturdays Sundays
10am–4pm 10am–4pm
Newnhman Trumpington
Date May 13th Date May 14th
HQ 87 Grantchester Meadows, CB3 9JN HQ 124 Foster Road, CB2 9JP
Theme Environment Theme Environment
Contact 07595 838 781 (Mark) Contact 07595 838 781 (Mark)
Petersfield Abbey
Date May 20th Date May 21th
HQ 23 Mawson Road, CB1 2DZ HQ 36 Thorleye Road, CB5 8NF
Theme NHS/Economy Theme NHS/Economy
Contact 07905 429 563 (Virgil) Contact 07500 380 744 (Oscar)
Cherry Hinton Castle
Date May 27th Date May 28th
HQ 3 Pamplin House, CB1 9LW HQ 52 Alpha Road, CB4 3DG
Theme Housing Theme Housing
Contact 07500 380 744 (Oscar) Contact 07500 380 744 (Oscar)
Chesterton Romsey
Date June 3rd Date June 4th
HQ Strawberry Fair Stall HQ TBC
Theme EU Theme EU
Arbury Market
Date MONDAYJune 5th; 5pm – 8.30pm Date TUESDAY June 6th; 5pm – 8.30pm
HQ Carlton Arms HQ Camden House, CB1 1JH
Theme TBC Theme TBC
Contact 07595 838 781 (Mark) Contact 07917 787 018 (Jeremy)
Kings Hedges: Wednesday Jun 07
Details TBC
Book the day off work — details TBC