Stuart acknowledges ‘tough result’ but applauds desire for change

Stuart Tuckwood, the defeated Green MP Candidate for Cambridge, has acknowledged a difficult result for the local party but has applauded the high turnout amongst young people and the evident desire for change.

Stuart gained 1265 votes locally, a significant drop on the 4000+ the Greens gained at the 2015 general election.

Speaking after the announcement of the result, Stuart said;

‘It’s a tough result for us. We fought so hard and I’m extremely proud of all our members and volunteers who put so much in to help me throughout this campaign.

We’ve had great feedback from so many people who attended hustings or spoke to us on the doors. Unfortunately it was clear to me for quite a while that large numbers of our supporters were planning to vote tactically to send the strongest message they felt was possible about their rejection of Brexit or the government‘s agenda.

I can understand that and just wish we had an electoral system that allowed people to always vote for what they believed in.

Having said that, I take nothing away from Daniel and the Labour team in Cambridge, and nationally, who obviously fought an excellent campaign.

I’m so glad to see a high turnout amongst the young and am happy they’ve backed a message of hope and change nationally. Many of the policies and messages the Labour Party have campaigned are causes the Greens have pushed in recent years and so we should be proud of the influence we have had.

We won’t be going away. We have recruited many new volunteers and have much to contribute to politics in Cambridge in the future.’

Stuart will write more about the result and pay thanks to those involved in the near future.

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