‘People should have their say on whether to accept the proposed Brexit deal’ says Stuart

Green MP candidate backs a vote on terms of EU withdrawal as Labour rules out holding second referendum

As the leader of the Labour Party confirmed they will not support giving the population a say on the terms of withdrawal from the EU (1), Stuart Tuckwood, the Green MP candidate for Cambridge, has confirmed the Greens are campaigning campaign to hold a vote.

Cambridge as a city voted overwhelmingly to remain to in the European Union in last year’s election. The city hosts many thousands of EU citizens from Europe. As well as benefiting the academic, science and research communities, the local NHS where Stuart works is served by a higher proportion of EU nurses and staff than the rest of the country.

Following Labour’s announcement Stuart said;

“I was proud to campaign for us to remain in the European Union, though I recognise there are problems with the EU that should be addressed.

I accept and respect the result of last year’s referendum but it should not be seen as the end of the democratic process. As I’ve said before, the Brexit deal should be inclusive and involve people to give them a real say over their future.
The millions of people of this country deserve to have a say on their destiny. Once we are presented with the terms of the deal the government strikes with the EU, people should be entitled to vote on whether to accept it or not.

If the next Government, whoever it is, is confident that Brexit is a good option for the country then they should have no fear of taking that deal to a vote.

The Labour Party gave the Conservatives a free reign to trigger article 50 without securing any concessions and now they’ve ruled out allowing people a say on the final deal. I strongly believe this is wrong and I would support a second referendum if I were