Stuart urges voters to ‘seize the opportunity for change’ as MPs vote to allow general election

Green Party leaders float idea of centre-left ‘progressive alliance’ in certain areas

As MPs vote to allow the holding of a snap general election on the 8th of June, the Green MP candidate for Cambridge has responded by urging voters to ‘seize the opportunity for change’.

It comes as the co-leaders of the Green Party, Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley call for talks with the leaders of Labour and the Liberal Democrats about the possibility of cooperating in certain seats to beat the Conservatives.

Following today’s vote, Stuart said;

‘I hope voters seize this opportunity for change which we now have on June the 8th. The process of withdrawing from the EU so far has been secretive and exclusive and the Prime Minister has obviously misled the country about her intentions to hold a snap election.

If we want a proper say we must now send representatives to Westminster who will strongly scrutinise the process, ensure transparency, and work hard to ensure safeguards over our workplace rights and environment are protected.’

Responding to speculation about potential electoral pacts, Stuart said;

‘Our broken electoral system unfortunately means that to give people a real choice, centre and left parties must explore the possibility of working together in certain seats. Where standing against each other in certain areas guarantees the Conservatives will
win, it’s obvious we must talk about cooperation between parties.

If Labour and the Lib Dems are serious about preventing the damage a further five years of Tory rule will do to the NHS, our welfare state and our environment, they must come to the table.

In Cambridge the Conservatives have little chance of success. Voters here should vote for what they believe in. The Green Party are fully committed to supporting the free movement of people, a fully public and funded NHS and free higher education. If you value these things, you must support me on June the 8th.’