Cambridge Green Party Select New Parliamentary Candidate

Local Green Party members elect Stuart Tuckwood, NHS Charge Nurse and UNISON representative, to be their parliamentary candidate

The Cambridge Green Party, following a ballot of the local membership, have selected Stuart Tuckwood, an NHS Charge Nurse and UNISON steward as their general election candidate.

Stuart will be looking to build on the work of the party’s previous parliamentary candidates, which include Dr Rupert Read and Tony Juniper, and broaden the appeal of the Cambridge Party. The party won over 4000 votes in the 2015 general election, with around 10,000 people giving the Greens their local council vote.

Stuart, pictured left, is a resident of Romsey in Cambridge City and has worked at Addenbrooke’s hospital for several years as a nurse. Originally from Aberdeen, Stuart graduated with honours in Nursing from the University of Glasgow, and has a background of caring for people with learning disabilities and voluntary work overseas.

In Cambridge Stuart has supported campaigns to protect local health services, has spoken at rallies in defence of migrants and refugees, and has highlighted the pressures of the local cost of living on those on low incomes. Stuart has, along with other local activists, worked to pressure local authorities to ramp up their ambition in reducing carbon emissions.

Stuart will be working closely with the Green mayoral candidate, Julie Howell (pictured, centre, alongside prominent Green Jenny Jones) to represent the party in elections this spring.

Speaking after the result of the ballot was announced, Stuart said;

I’m thrilled to have been elected and very grateful to all the local members of the party who voted for me. The politics of Westminster and the established parties have badly let down so many people in Cambridge; those suffering on NHS waiting lists, young people without hope of finding a decent home locally, migrants who no longer feel welcome, those living in parts of the city where life expectancy drops by a decade, and those whose livelihoods and futures are being risked by a hard withdrawal from the EU.

I’ll work tirelessly to make their voices heard and to try and to find solutions to their problems. I am committed to campaigning for a fairer economy, a prosperous and sustainable society, and excellent public services.

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